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    Help me remember!

    So I'm trying to remember the name of this program. It essentially would be installed on a server and operate as the website. You would download it, install it on a basic web server, and it would "create" a functioning web page for you.

    The nice part about it was that it required little if no HTML or even dreamweaver knowledge. Any page modifications were simple and done after logging into your server as the admin.

    Their web page even allows you a "trial" run of the software that you can set up an admin account and password and see how easy it was to modify the site from anywhere.

    Anyone remember or know what this is?

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    Your description sounds like a content management system (CMS), of which there are a bundle.

    Take a peek at Open Source CMS, which has the trial versions with admin available, and see if you can find the one you were looking at before.

    Let us know how you get on,

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    Awesome. I was actually remembering WebGui, however I will definitely look around at the other content managers.

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    Drupal and Joomla are some well known ones but there are many out there.

    They are very fun to work with
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