I have recently changed jobs, and the company I am now at has HylaFAX server set up and working fine, but I wanted to implement Winprint HylaFAX on the XP machines to be able to fax from our local computers, and I've been running into a few problems. The installation process went smoothly, but once the fax screen comes up and I put in the number to send the fax, it throws the job in the queue and stays there with the status of printing. If I ssh into my Fax server, I can see that a connection is established with the machine that is trying to send the Fax, but it never goes through, it just stays there until I cancel the job. I have the correct IP address and username in the hosts file to allow access to the server and I can ping and ssh into the Fax server without any problems. I know there just has to be some little setting that I'm missing. The Fax server is running Fedora if that helps at all. Thanks in advance for all of your help.