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    Thin Client Firmware?

    Hi Folks,

    Wasn't sure to post here or in Newbies forum. Have limited experience with a number of desktop distros - but server stuff is still deep black magic.

    I recently bought at auction two brand new Axus thin clients with WinCE in firmware. I have all the manuals etc., but they are a superseded (unsupported) model so far as the manufacturer's website is concerned.

    What I want to do, if possible, is find a linux distro that is available (for purchase?) on an eprom I can plug into the thin client. All it needs to do is access the lan and usb memory, stream a few media files (jpg, gif, mp3, avi, mov and maybe ppt?), and have a browser. I have searched for such a distro, but can find nothing. I could probably get a notebook hdd attached electrically, but I'm not sure it would have the bios to support it, and definitely doesn't have anywhere to mount it.

    As a poor 2nd choice, I could settle for a server distro with support for either citrix, or microsoft's remote desktop protocol implementation (as these are what the thin clients support) to run on a separate machine. I have experimented with some server distro's already (SoL 25.00 for example), but have had no success, and am so far out of my depth that I have no idea even where to start looking for a solution...

    Have I bitten off too much to chew?



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    This is definitely plausible. You could look into using DSL or Damn Small Linux. It is a very small distro, as well as Insert linux. There are thousands of linux distros out there and no one can really tell you which one is right for you. The great thing about linux is that it is free so if you dont like one, get another one and try it out. If you have any more questions, let us know

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    Thanks for the reply $Billz.

    Perhaps I should have been more expansive in what I had already tried....

    I have tinkered with D.S.L. on a desktop, but haven't seen it (or any other) available on an eprom [ie. Post off a cheque - get back a chip with linux on it]. I have no means of burning a chip with anything unless the thin client has eprom flashing capabilities, but even if it does, I have no means to get it running to use them without a citrix / rdp server.

    As for the server option, I have googled high and low for a linux server distro that cross matches with "citrix" or "rdp" as keywords and come up blank. I've also downloaded DVD iso's for the server with everything (except a manual!) in the hope that a relevant technology would be preinstalled. While the thin client itself boots up its CE image OK, no server can be found, and I have neither the tools nor the skills to figure out what is going on.

    Again, while I'm confident it can be done, it may well be that I have bitten off more than I can chew...

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