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    Sendmail: forward sent messages

    I was wondering if there was a way to forward a users sent mail to another user or I was also thinking I could have sendmail automatically BCC an email address whenever that user sends an email. I am using sendmail 8.12.8. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    To forward all the email arriving at your account, simply create a file called .forward in your home directory containing the address (or comma-seperated list of addresses) to which you want the mail forwarded. So if you want all your mail forwarded to another address user@domain, .forward should contain user@domain

    Seconly if you Want one email to go to several different users
    Then Alias to "Email Address" of for example friends "emailusername1,emailusername2,someotheruser@hotma". Now if you email the friends alias, the email will get sent to those three addresses addresses.
    These entries will also appear in /etc/aliases like friends: emailusername1,emailusername2,someotheruser@domain

    For Bcc check the man pages and search for bcc option you will get that.

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    Thanks for the reply. Im not looking to forward mail messages sent to me. The alias thing sounds good but is not what I am looking to do. I am trying to make so whenever one user sends out an email it automatically sends that message to whoever they sent it to and another email address. Or to have it automatically BCC another email. thanks

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