Hi all,

I've been trying to figure out why I can't compile PHP for an ARM processor with the ARM-ELF-GCC compiler into an ELF2FLT (Flat executable).

I am currently using ARM-ELF Version 2.95.3 to compile with the additional libaries (Bison and Flex) on a CYGWIN environment.

I have tried using the WinARM Version 4.1 ARM-ELF binaries but I get an error with the compiler saying something along the lines "file/directory does not exist" when looking for a particular file included by the PHP C files (the exact same makefile running with the 2.95.3 compiler binaries can find the file without problems). I have tried chmod'ing the compiler executables but it didn't change anything.

Every angle I have read and approached the compiling process with, has always ended quickly with loads of code errors (warnings, and parse errors), if I change something small within the makefile like an include path, all of the errors change completly, which obviously doesn't help!

Another possible problem I noticed which differs from documentation that I have seen, is that with a basic configure line (as such ./configure --build=arm-elf --disable-all --disable-ipv6 ) when looking for the compiler it prints:

Checking whether the C compiler (gcc       ) works... yes
Shouldn't it say arm-elf-gcc??

If anyone knows the ideal binaries to try and use for compiling PHP (any version of PHP!) for an ARM processor with the ELF2FLT option, I'd greatly appreciate your input!

Thanks very much in advance.