hello again! i got my squid authentication working now and i thought it's just right to have a new thread since this will be a new topic (i guess so).

so now i'm working on with squid, pam (for authentication), and dansguardian (for content filtering). the setup is A OK. got no problems. i just have several questions about the setup and i want to implement some other things.

first, the authentication thing. i noticed that everytime i open a browser, i am asked for a username and password. is there a way to tell squid and pam to only ask for authentication during the initial opening of a browser. the next time a user opens a browser, squid and pam already knows the session belongs to the same user who first opened the bowser. then, if the user is idle for, let's say, 15 minutes. then that's the time there is a need to authenticate the user again.

second, is there also a way to prevent having concurrent connection of users? i mean, if a user authenticates in one computer and was able to browse, then he/she is not able to authenticate and browse on another computer.

and finally, is there a way to make time restrictions using dansguardian? my squid's http_port is 3128, my dansguardian filter port is 8080 and it's proxyport is 3128. the filter port and proxyport are never the same. if i am to make a time restriction using squid, it won't affect the users because their proxy port is pointed to 8080. any suggestions?

i am using fedora core 4, squid 2.5 stable 9, and dansguardian 2.8. i think i got another question but i just forgot it . i'll be posting it again if i'' get stuck on it again. thanks guys.