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    Postfix message need interpretation, I only know english.

    Hello, as my first post, I would like to acknowledge that I am a script kiddy on Linux and you should be making fun of me and not helping me.
    Now that that is out of the way.
    I need help deciphering an encrypted message sent to me by my mailserver.
    In /var/log/mail.log, there is a line of code, repeated dozens of times, which explains my problem.
    Now, to the point. This encrypted message is obviously in some form of elaborate code designed to confuse and befuddle lesser beings such as myself. It states:

    Aug 26 01:10:26 EPsrvr postfix/smtp[21569]: connect to[]: Connection timed out (port 25)

    Obviously this is a trick by the government to destroy my family and corrupt my computer with viruses to invade my personal life and steal my credit card information.


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    so, I've done some searching, and I've found various details of a possible misconfiguration of STMP, or possibly a firewall generated error, or possibly my router. I'm bypassing my router as you read this, and I can almost guarantee that my linux doesn't have a firewall, but hell, I'm a script kiddy. Any help I can get is worth it.

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    Router bypassed to no effect.
    Cannot telnet to
    No firewall.

    Could I be "blacklisted"? I have JUST set up my Ubuntu and I haven't done any hacking or mass emailing. Could my Postfix be reporting something that might get my e-mails to not connect?

    I tried telnetting to on port 25, no connect was made, without the router. Does Ubuntu come with a firewall that I must disable?

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    Aha! Port blocking by my ISP! Problem Solved. And...I'd just like to thank you all, you've been a GREAT help. I can't emphazise that enough right now.

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