Hi, I am a Student in ICT and I am doing a Training Project now.
The Main goal is to make a RemoteControlled Office. Ok, well the Office is setup now.
You can access it though a WebBrowser and Control it.
But I have some questions.
Since I want Asteriks, Apache, Hylafax and some other Server Progs running on it and them on every to have Diffrent Settings with every user.
My Question is how can I do this or does anyone have Documents that I should read?
I thought myself of Editing the Source Code of all the programs and then Recompile but I also think that Is way to much work..
Oh, and I also dont know how to make folders Completly Hidden for some Users. I havnt searched for this yet but well I thought why not put it in aswell.

I hope there is anyone who can and wants to help me.
Oh, it might be usefull to know that I run CentOS with Fluxbox on a i686 with the 2.6 (2.6.15-8.1.8.el5) Kernel.

Well if there is anyone who likes to help me Id be very glad.
Any Document, Tip or Advice will be respected.

- Robin