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    PHP based CSM w/no SQL?

    Greetings All,
    Ok, I couldn't decide if this should go in the newbie forum or here - but I've posted here because of my question's specificity...

    First, needs:
    I coordinate the website for a small non-profit, and as I'm not proficient enough to create our own hosting solution and do Apache/PHP/MySQL myself, we've had to pay for hosting and it'll cost us more than we want to pay to add *SQL functionality.

    Is anyone aware of any good PHP based CSMs that are able to run without an *SQL?

    I've been crawling all over freshmeat, sourceforge, and various forums looking for something that would fix our issues. Our needs are pretty simple - blogs, forums, newsposting, calendar, and some groupware-esque document writing-collaboration function (my vocab is failing me).

    Simplicity would be a big plus - I'm just now teaching myself to use Dreamweaver and to be honest I've been doing our webediting in Frontpage. I've taught myself everything I know about computers, which isn't much, but I'd love to keep learning and helping people.

    Thank you in advance,

    PS The longterm vision for all of this is to run our own server... is anyone aware of a good guide to doing this, or is there a good starting place for me to begin teaching myself?

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    Pardon my ignorance, but what is a CSM? Are you by any chance referring to a content-manager thingie like Postnuke or so?

    If so, I'll have to admit to not being very immersed into that kind of stuff. I know something else, though - if you really do want to set up your own server instead, I'm fairly sure we can help you out with that in this forum. ;-)

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    Thanks for the reply.
    Unfortunately, it seems dyslexia struck - I meant CMS - Content Management System. It also could have been total ignorance of server-app related vocabulary, my apologies.

    As to building the server - that'd be great. Is there any place that I can start looking to get more information? Like what packages I'll need, etc?

    I think if I get a list of applications, I'll probably be OK... like start with Apache, apply 'otherprogram', apply 'otherprogram', config, working, etc. Reading lots of documentation has generally been enough.

    Thanks again,

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    3rd Apology

    Better idea!

    How about I read around on these boards a bit more and shut my mouth?


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    The thing is, building a web server really isn't very hard. Basically, you just install <insert distro here>, and then by the time the installation has finished, you're more or less done. =)
    Take Fedora Core 2, for example - just install it, and make sure you picked Apache, PHP and MySQL; you don't have to do much more than that, except adding content and binding a domain name to your Internet connection.

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    Thanks again!
    I'll give Fedora Core 2 a try. I'm sure I'll be back pretty soon.

    Good Luck to ya,

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    yeah i think your best choice here is set up your on server like stated above as from what i can tell there is no cms that is availible that doesnt use a database to store all the data in. it would be to hard to do, cause all the information would have to be stored in flat files which owuld make things alittle more complicated and less secure so good luck with setting up the server and we will be here waiting for you questions
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