I am currently:
- running Debian
- using fetchmail and Courier IMAP to get and make available mail from a POP3 account on my web host's server

I have installed Ubuntu on a better machine and would now like to use this as the box running my mail applications. My setup on this box is the same except that I'm using Dovecot rather than Courier.From what I've read, it did not sound like I'd run into any issues but of course nothing is that easy.

I am receiving all NEW mail just fine under the new system. It is when I attempt to migrate the mail on my Debian box to the new Ubuntu box that I run into difficulties.

I have tried copying (via scp and Samba) my entire Maildir directory from Debian to Ubuntu. I have also tried copying 1 folder or file at a time. The bottom line is that the Ubuntu system will not recognize any of the folders (or mail they contain) that I copy over from the Debian system.

I'm assuming that something gets lost in the copy process that causes the folders to cease to be Maildir folders...?

Does anyone know of a way that I can migrate all of my folders without having to re-create them 1 at a time on the new Ubuntu system?