I have some Bind DNS Servers which I need to be able to resolve some addresses for anotherdomain.com which are not publicly available from anotherdomain.com's DNS servers.

I still want my DNS servers to forward the rest of the anotherdomain.com requests to the real DNS servers for that domain if I don't have a local record.

I have been going round the internet all day trying to figure this out and testing one dns server with a stub zone, a forward zone etc but so far no luck. All I've learnt is that I don't even know if this can even be done, but I must do it.

The only alternatives to my DNS servers answering a few names and forwarding the rest for anotherdomain.com is

1. Host a full zone for anotherdomain.com (but I don't have all the records so this would cut off my users off from the rest of anotherdomain.com's addresses which I don't have)
2. Go round and add a hosts file to every single dang machine in my company to point to those few resources in anotherdomain that I need which aren't publicly available.

Any ideas how I can solve this problem?