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    Uptime displays users... does this count people viewing the website?

    I'm running a web server from home and haven't given out the domain name at all. I haven't ever planned on much traffic either so I haven't done much to secure the server. If something happens to it at this point, I wouldn't care. I've only made 3 pages and there isn't anything confidential.

    When I run uptime this is the readout:
    11:03:51 up 4 days, 20:02,  2 users,  load average: 0.08, 0.02, 0.01
    I'm the only user logged in. I logged in via SSH and haven't used sudo or su. The first thing I did upon logging in is run uptime.

    Is there any other reason besides someone else connecting remotely that it would show that there are 2 users? My only other guess would be that there is a bot indexing the website or someone viewing it.
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    utpime only shows system users. Run the command "w" or "who" to see who is logged into the machine.

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