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Thread: Umount Problem

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    Umount Problem

    Dear Users,

    when i typed umount /mnt/cdrom it showed that the devise is buzy.
    Then CD was not eject untill system was not restarted.

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    this can happen..however it usualy happens when you have either a shell, or a file manager open and you are in the directory that you are trying to unmount (/mnt/cdrom directory) or i have seen this happen for no apparent reason also so i just have to reboot as much as i dont want to...
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    I see that message only when I am using the drive (it is opened in konquerer, i am currently in it, music plays from it etc.) I didn't see it happen for no reason but I think You needn't restart- just leave KDE or whatever and run /etc/rc.d/rc.M and it is not mouned anymore...

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    There is another way that I had to use once but I don't remember the details. It doesn't require shutting down KDE, Gnome, or rebooting. Maybe one of the more experienced members can fill in the details. It involved running a program from a command line that finds the process that is using the device. You then use that process id to do a kill on it.

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