Hi everyone:

Am hoping that someone can shed some light on an issue with a Samba share. We're using v3.0.14 on Debian 3.0.

We have a computer lab with 14 Mac rubys, and 15 Intel-based Macbooks. We have created one share named "maclab" on the file server for students to save their work. The rubys are running MacOS 10.3.9, and the Macbooks are running the latest version of MacOS.

The problem we're having is when the kids are using Microsoft Word 2004. When they open and work on a document, and try re-saving it, they get the following error: "There has been a network or file permission error. The network connection may be lost." The problem has shown itself primarily on the ruby Macs, but we had it happen to one Macbook.

I use Webmin to administer our server, and for kicks, I went in one day to view the connections to the network share. It showed most computers as connected, and having one open file.

There were, however, a goodly amount of machines (5-7) who had HUGE numbers of files all open, according to Samba. The files are scattered all throughout the share, and sometimes it would show 15-20 files open on one computer, and they always take the form of /path/._filename When I went to look at these machines, at least 4 of the 7 didn't even have Word open! But yet, Samba says that all of these files are open. ._ files, according to Apple's web site, are created on file systems that do not have the "forked file feature", and it contains the resource fork.

It seems to me the problem is that Samba is not monitoring correctly where these ._ files belong and who they belong to. The Macbooks all appear fine - Samba lists them as connected with only one file open (the file the student is working on).

Does anyone have any idea of things I could try to remedy this problem? I've tried a few things, and even recreated the entire share over, but the problem is still happening.

Any help or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help!