ok, project description: Get a single signin for 25+ servers to work.
Solution: Well from what I figure, ldap! So I have 2 machines running now, one running openldap and another running fedora's directory services. Any preference, experience, etc. please yell out.

But I am starting on level 1 with this, no idea, but have them both setup, running and test user. I setup my local desktop to look at him (I see in messages he makes a connection), but if I say login to my desktop as a user who doesn't exist on my machine, it doesn't login (nothing in messages to say it's trying to connect to the ldap server).

So starting (as the subject stated), where do I turn? I can admin the openldap from a windows machine so I know it's up, running, etc. but there has to be more, and I am thinking it's just a simple thing I overlooked!