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    Embedded Linux, Apache, Internet base control - HOW?

    I am a Linux and Internet newbie. However, We are looking for the ability to remotely monitor and control some equipment.

    How can I create a web based GUI on an embedded Linux system, running Apache server 2.0. The GUI must be able to control and monitor the equipment.

    So far I think I need Web Services, so I have been searching for this. I have also seen some information on XML based GUIs that gave me the impression Web Services are not needed, only a Web server is.

    I am begining to feel lost again, any advice is wellcome.


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    Linux Engineer jledhead's Avatar
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    not sure about the embedded part, but webmin is a great remote control web interface, if its across public networks make sure you force ssl

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    Linux Engineer RobinVossen's Avatar
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    Ah Embedded Linux ^^
    one of the greatest ways for Low-Use Servers..
    It depents what you want.
    If I were you Id take a look into that what jledhead said. webmin..
    And, maybe you should checkout phpmyadmin. You might know this already.
    Its really great for mysqls..
    If your Embadded device is a Gumstix you might want to ask this on there mailing list. Since what I understand is that that is a "unnormal" distro.
    Well, have fun ^^
    New Users, please read this..
    Google first, then ask..

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    Thanks a lot for the info, I will start reading about it, now.

    My big conscern is if webmin can provide a GUI that provides standard components displayed in a web browser. The components should include the usual stuff like: Buttons, Check boxes, radio Buttons, text boxes, combo boxes, and the ability to activate Linux commands/applications (e.g., file processing).

    Initially, it is disired to have the GUI Create/edit/store/delete a setup file for some equipment on the other end of the controller (the embedded linux system w/Apache server). The controller has less than 25 MB left so we need something with a small footprint. It is a Liab DIN:

    "LIAB DIN products are various DIN rail assembling modules for mounting on standard DIN rails in electrical panels. LIAB DIN modules are ideal for building control systems in in- and outdoor industrial areas.

    All processor modules are complete readymade systems including the LINUX operating system adapted the module and various LINUX server applications. SW applications can be developed on standard PC's and compiled (for instance by a GNU compiler) and without cross assembling be copied direct onto the module. All microprocessor modules are provided with:

    LIAB boot loader
    Linux operating system adapted to the module
    Apache 2.0 web server
    Telnet server
    FTP server"

    The next thing would be to be able to monitor the equipment through the GUI.

    I am new to this "forum thing" so I hope I am not going overboard with my request. If so please forgive my ignorance.

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    Linux Engineer RobinVossen's Avatar
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    heh well Webmin includes CommandShell for the LinuxBox so that works
    Im going home now maybe I check in it later for more help.
    New Users, please read this..
    Google first, then ask..

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    Hi all, Thanks for your advice, however my boss is pushing me toward Apache-Tomcat for Web-services.

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