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    Loss Of Permission...

    I've so far got my Debian server up & I'm able to read/write files using my windows machines. But what I've noticed now is that when I'm logged into the server I seem to have read only rights to files that are in the shared folders & that's it. Even if I create a document via the server - Say an open office DOC file I create on the server, then I open it from a windows machine. I make a change to the file & save it. I go back to the server & now I do not own it & I purely have read-only permissions. I can open it & edit from any of the windows machines, so I'm not sure exactly why it's doing it?? Any ideas?
    I lose ownership in that case. Right now, I have SAMBA set up so that you don't even need a log on ID/password to open the files on the network. (I'm still learning the SAMBA stuff)

    - roystreet

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    Ok, sounds that you made a small thinking error somewere.
    Well, lets analyze the error.
    What user is the samba?
    what are the rights and who are the owners of that file.
    I hope I can help you with this. but I need more info.
    New Users, please read this..
    Google first, then ask..

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    Your permission/ownership of that particular folder might create this problem. Please check with that and try editing the files.

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    I'm sorry for my late response. I don't check continuously like I used to because I don't seem to get responses much on this site & I had higher hopes. But to your credit - You both responded quite quickly - Thank you.
    Now to your questions...I have it set up that no one needs to enter any security information (Set up that way in samba.conf). Guests can enter & do whatever. Now this is where I suspect the problem may be, but please remember I am very new to linux: I am logged in as the user "JKR" - JKR is the owner of the directory, it is located in his home. I right click on the directory & placed a check mark in every box for the permissions. Now, I didn't go up & select other groups/users from the drop down box, but I thought checking all of the boxes would suffice. (I'm kinda going off of memory right this minute)

    That said, in theory (At least my uneducated theory) is that not requiring any special permissions, allowing guests to look at these files via SAMBA...And checking each box allowing everyone to view/modify, etc should it take away the rights of the user on the server? I can't even change the permissions by right clicking it anymore. Everything is greyed out. I can see the permissions via the windows machines & I don't recall trying to change permissions via that method though.

    I hope I gave at least some useful information?


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