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    Sendmail not getting out on SBC-Yahoo dsl connection

    I'm a nubie to this forum, so please forgive me if ramble a little.
    I've got a RedHat Enterprise server running sendmail 8.12.11 at home. I've got sbc-yahoo dsl. All I want to use sendmail for on this box is to send messages directly from the server to my cell phone or to my office email. I'm using the same dns servers that I use on my RedHat/SCO Unix servers at my office. Sendmail generally installs during the OS install and gets configured without any, or very little, involvement on my part and works. So I'm pretty sure there's a configuration problem related to sbc-yahoo. I've got servers running all over the country with the same type of setup (sendmail-wise) and they work fine. The only ones that don't, are on an sbc-yahoo dsl connection. Does anyone out there have a suggestion or a configuration tweak I can use?


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    I believe awhile back there was an issue with SBC/Yahoo internet. It wasn't really an "issue" persay, but they didn't allow any inbound/outbound 25 (SMTP) traffic through their network unless you "opted out". So you might need to call them and see if they can resolve this.

    If you can already send/recieve emails though (non webmail - perhaps using thunderbird or outlook), then this probably isn't the case and either 1) they are blocking all inbound SMTP traffic or something just isn't configured correctly. Also, might want to check your firewall (on the server and on the router).

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    I don't have a firewall and iptables on the linux server doesn't have anything restricting outbound traffic at all.
    I know that in order to send mail from outlook, etc., I have to use "My outgoing server requires authentication" using my sbc-yahoo login:assword. I think I need to somehow tell sendmail to pass these to sbc, but I'm not sure how to do that.

    Terry Bridges

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    You could setup Sendmail to use a SMART_HOST of the SBC server.
    Although I'm not sure how you would pass the user/pass credentials.

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    We're on the same track. I found something on Google about the SMART_HOST and stuck it in there and regenerated my Still ain't workin' but I think I'm getting closer. If I find a solution before it gets posted here, I'll post it.


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    I got it. Here's a link to the site. For those having the same problems it has all the info you need.
    Sendmail SMTP AUTH Howto -

    I cut and pasted his file and after a little tweeking I created a new Then I created an /etc/authinfo file containing my sbcglobal username/passwd information. The main trick was putting the SMART_HOST in there:
    <define(`SMART_HOST',`[]')dnl> the '[]' around are a critical point. Anyway, once I regen'd my and restarted sendmail I suddenly started getting all those text messages I've been sending for testing.

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