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    Samba, Upgrade to Write Capabilities...


    I'm running my personal computer as a file server on our LAN. Now not all of the users on this LAN run Linux. Several machines are Win XP. I have my system sharing files with write capabilities. But that means that even when a user is browsing the files, XP is allowed to go in and put those pesky thumbs.db files in all my folders. which is just ANNOYING! Now a solution to this, I think is to make the user have read-only privileges unless they intend to write to the drive. thus preventing XP from doing it on it's own.

    Now one way I could accomplish this is to change the smb.conf file to allow network logins that aren't local user names. Then have two separate logins. A restricted and a writeable, at least I believe I can do that.

    The pain I see in this is that the user would have to know in advance wether they where to write to the drive. because the license seems to stick as long as both the server and the client machine are on the network. therefore changing the log-in because you want to write. then changing back when your done. just seems messy...

    What I would prefer is to have the samba login read-only and then if the user attempts to write to the drive, prompt for a write password. then drop back to read mode after write is complete.

    Otherwise it would be nice if I could just tell my server to not allow any files to be written with the name "Thumbs.db"

    I don't know, but I do know I can't control weather thumbnail caching is enabled on every XP computer my file system comes in contact with, and I am getting tired of deleting the lil' bastards.....

    Any Ideas?
    Teddy B

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    how or why are you concerned about those files? They are not security risks are they? The few dozen i have on my samba fileshare that windows accesses dont' take up more than a few kB total?
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    I'm Anal, thats why...

    Well it isn't so much that they are a security risk as a major pain in the rectum.

    Yes a couple of dozen doesn't really pose a threat. but I happen to have just over 500 GB's of data. and On my last sweep, I removed over 92 in the audio directory alone, on one drive, these little buggers where eating almost 200 MB in data and COUNTING. now I know that doesn't seem like much when your talking half a TB, but as much as I would love to go out and snag me a nice new Tera Drive, I just haven't the money for additional space at the time, and... I really need to focus what resources I do have to getting additional drives to Mirror RAID the data I already have.

    long and short, I'm trying to maximize what I get out of my hardware. and 200MB's is alot of MP3's to be giving up to this kinda crap...

    On a side note, what other piece of software do we know of that recursively puts duplicate files of rubbish in just about every directory it comes across on a filesystem... Official proof that windows is a virus...

    Whoever it was that came up with the idea of putting a Thumbs.db file in EVERY SINGLE DIRECTORY that has media files in it, You know who you are. you should at the very least get out of the tech field and save us all some hassles. freaking idiot....

    Thanks for any help;
    Teddy B

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