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    Linux Server w/ GUI??

    hey a complete linux nube, and just got into ubuntu! i liked it so much im thinking of scrapping everything MS at my house.

    I currently have win 2k3 running as a domain controller / file print sharing.

    does linux have a distro for server that is similar (with gui)?
    i will also need it to supply dns,dhcp,ftp, etc.

    i want to get better with the cmd line, but would like the gui so i can get up and running...then learn and experiment from there.

    any suggestions??


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    Pretty much any distro can have a GUI.

    I think there's even a distro specified as Ubuntu Server, but I've never tried it.

    For command line, check out: Learn the Linux command line. Write shell scripts.

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    i downloaded the ubuntu server version and installed it (even tried it as a lamp server).

    when it boots, it goes to cmd line, asks me to logo with username then password. after i do that it just stays at the cmd prompt at [username]$

    do i have to type something to get it to boot to a gui?

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    GUI ( X Server ) isn't pre-installed in Server edition of Ubuntu. You have to install it manually.
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
    But it will be Ubuntu Desktop + Server now.
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    Post Ubuntu is so-so, I'd use Debian...

    I am currently running Ubuntu Server and ran into many problems installing. I used the alternate CD because the LiveCD would not load. While trying to install the alternate CD I continually got the error that the installer could not find a system to be installed. After downloading Ubuntu Server six times and then re-burning it I found that the problem was not with the disc. I also found that if I restart the installation and do the same thing a number of times Ubuntu Server will eventually install. It seems like a random occurrence of whatever was happening. I re-installed Ubuntu Server twice and the same thing happen both times.

    Even though you're new to Linux I would suggest using Debian, which Ubuntu is based off of. You can download a Minimal CD/Net Install CD and probably have no problem. Because Ubuntu is Debian based you will still be able to use apt-get to update and install. To install a GUI on Debian I believe you would type:
    apt-get install x-window-system-core xserver-xorg gnome-desktop-environment
    ...but it's worth looking into the exact command if you end up going with Debian.

    I will be switching over to Debian sometime soon. I can't wait!
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    For a simple lightweight GNOME installation.


    UBUNTU SERVER 7.04 - Feisty Fawn

    And from the way i see it

    It will work the same on

    UBUNTU SERVER 7.10 - Gutsy Gibbon

    Do the following.

    sudo apt-get install xorg gnome gdm gdm-themes

    Note that you may have to edit


    and add in this line to make it startup GUI all the time when you boot up

    just before exit

    /etc/init.d/gdm start

    This will give you a simple minimal GNOME installation

    As for it to be a file server

    sudo apt-get install samba smbclient smbfs

    You can then configure samba to be your PDC as i have at my home

    For it to be dns

    sudo apt-get install bind

    Thats if you only chose the lamp option
    If you chose the DNS option during installation, it will install bind

    You can edit this config file directly or install webmin and use that instead.

    To install ftp server

    sudo apt-get install vsftpd

    To install ftp client

    sudo apt-get install filezilla

    To install dhcp server

    sudo apt-get install dhcpd

    You may have to install your graphic drivers or edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf to match your graphic drivers in order to start X. This is only for some isolated cases.
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