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    Stopped Working.....

    So I have a server set up:
    Ubuntu 7.04 Fiesty Fawn
    and all the other fun stuff..........
    It has a website on it and a few other goodies......... Anyone from around the world could access it....... But all of a sudden it stopped being able to be accessed I checked everything....... The Router for the ports and if I changed anything vital..... Nothing...... What could it be? Why is everyone not on my network no longer able to access it........! I can access it from my network but no one else outside can anymore.......... Strange..............

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    Could it be that your ISP is blocking?

    Take a look at this site and run the scan. It will tell you if the port is open or not to the public.

    Without more information as to what you check and ensured is working properly, it's going to be hard saying what is blocking you.


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    Why all of a sudden would it start now...... Only big couple of things I did recently was switch from Proftpd to VSFTPD..... about a week ago and thats when things like this started........ btw:
    1 ( 0.490 ms 0.405 ms 0.422 ms
    2 ( 0.414 ms ( 19.267 ms ( 0.432 ms
    3 * * *
    4 * * *
    5 * * *

    on the physical server w/ traceroute:
    1 ( 0.276 ms 0.305 ms 0.263 ms
    2 ( 38.450 ms 38.151 ms 37.951 ms
    3 ( 38.429 ms 38.604 ms 38.127 ms
    4 ( 38.204 ms 38.277 ms 38.164 ms

    Ill try and uninstall VSFTPD and see what happenens......

    *edit*: Uninstalled and still doesnt work......

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    I know what the problem was In my router I set up port forwarding for Xbox live and it some how interfered w/ it so I re wrote manual port forwarding around it

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