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    Sendmail pre processing for Exchange

    Hi all

    I have googled myself to death searching for a solution for this problem.

    I wish to use a linux server running sendmail, clam and spamassassin to preprocess email before it is distributed via an exchange server on windows 2003.

    I can make this work using milter and procmail and then a pop connector on the exchange box but I have to replicate the user accounts on the linux box and this sucks.

    If I use mailertable and spamass-milter/clam-milter it works well except the mail is not processed by the virus or spam systems it is just relayed to the exchange box. There are no log entries from this methodology.

    So basicly this is the flow:
    1) Mail recieved by sendmail.
    2) Clam removes viruses
    3) Spamassassin removes or at least tags spam
    4) Mail is forwarded to exchange
    5) User receives mail via outlook (or whatever)

    N.B. Sendmail has no idea whether the recipient exists when it is processing, it forwards all mail for the domain(s)

    All of the answers I have found on the net so far are either so obscure that they look like they were written by a politician or absolute esoteric techno-babble written by one of the "I am 50,000,000 times smarter than you and if you can't read this you are not 133t" crowd and extremely unhelpful.

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    yes..i agree with configuring sendmail is a one hell of thing
    Only thing i configured is forwardnig it to a exchange server.
    To a forward mail exchange server,
    i edited with SMART_HOST value set to my exchange server.
    check out this
    Using Sendmail to relay all mail to my Exchange Server -
    Steve's RHCE Study Guide: Sendmail
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