A friend of mine contacted me needing help setting up Samba. Since I breezed through it when I configured it on my machine, I figured that I could help him set it up the same way I set it up. Unfortunately, we ran into some problems. I think it might have something to do with him having Fedora Core 2, but I'm not sure. He downloaded a binary: samba-3.0.3-1.i386.rpm. Once we got it installed, I figured we need to set up the smb.conf file, and I thought I would do so using SWAT. I had him edit his xinetd.conf file, and add:

service swat


port = 901

socket_type = stream

wait = no

only_from =

user = root

server = /usr/sbin/swat

log_on_failure += USERID

disable = no


I figured SWAT would reside in the same place on his machine as it did on mine. This was not the case. We did a whereis on SWAT and we couldn't find it at all. I thought perhaps we hadn't installed Samba right, but when we rpm -qa | grep -i samba we got:


Samba did seem to be installed. I didn't get a chance to ask him to look for his smb.conf file yet, but I will get to that tomorrow. Anyway, I looked for some SWAT binaries for Fc2 and couldn't find any. Would the SWAT binaries for Fc1 work?

A couple of more things that might have complicated the problem:

1.) I did not know that he already had Samba installed on his computer. When we installed again, could that have caused some problem?

2.) We tried to uninstall everything, and do a fresh install, but the dependencies were killing me, so I left everything installed.

So basically, my question is, should I look for a SWAT binary, or should I force everything to erase and install from scratch? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks for any help in advance.