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    controlled access to a TeraByte server

    For the following assume an Ubuntu server the current clients are newer iMacs on OS X 4.9:

    I do tech support for a high school - our district (35000 students) provides modest networked storage to all schools and about 150MB of backed up storage to all students + staff.

    Now this is fine for average file types - but starts to break down when you've got film classes (digital video) with 25 students creating 1 - 2GB files multiple times per semester AND you have 3 - 5 such classes per semester.

    25 students x 2GB = 50GB 50GB x 3 projects = 150GB

    150GB x 5 classes = 750GB

    So we're still in the planning phase and I don't want to even get into RAID details yet or even backups ---- first and foremost is not creating a admin balckhole for myself (with 2200 student + 200 staff + 600 computers I'm a busy guy). So how to easily restrick / control access to this server is paramount. So from the above rough math: 5 classes x 25 students = 125 students to deal with per term. Do I really want or need to deal with creating accounts .... ?

    A lot of ways to slice and dice this - but one example is the student on his client machine logins in to (for example) the Period_5 account and dumps his work into a deneric storage area for that class - perhaps as a member of the Period_5 group he can create his own folder etc.

    Any other ways of doing this ????? Easy tools for auto account creation then assign students to specific groups ( like Period_5 group) ???

    As to keeping other students from getting in to these generic accounts I'm stumped a bit .... I guess one way would be to use a firewall and only allow machines from the video lab (unique machine names through out the campus) to get through.

    Any comments or help really appreciated - I see such techology as key to keeping our school relevant in keeping up with the rising tide of digital bits that need to be stored during the educational experience.

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    what sort of budget are we talking about here? because if its a fairly large one i'd have thought it would be easier to just build a machine and use two 750gb Drives in a RAID or something, and then have them all just connect to that server.

    of course you could create a usergroup on the server then allow only students (ie film students) access to that area of the server, like you ristrict students from the staff area and so on.

    the life of an IT admin eh?

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    Well being a school the budget is not much - I have a Used 2.8GHz HP Workstation that I will use 5 250GB drives in a RAID 5 config and have two 250GB drives on hand for swaping in. And we'll budget something for a 1GB backup

    But my real need here is to learn about any management applications to help automate any of the user / account creation ...... for example an application that would allow me to paste in dozens of student ID# and passwords (in CSV or space delimited format) and create accounts. A managment app that allows me to view user accounts by group.

    I've just not seen that sort of management app in the standard distrobution from Ubuntu or Fedora ...... alas maybe you only get such things by being a paying customer (i.e. advanced management tools / scripting support)

    Building the HW is not the issue - having semi-secure access and easy account control is the issue

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