hi everyone-

i'm getting to the point where i'm going to give up on samba trying to reliably serve documents to our macintosh users. i realize that samba is not to blame at all - we've had great success using samba with our PC users. it's the way that macs save their files, and these ._ are causing real problems.

every mac computer has its own username, and when someone logs on and opens their file, within 5 minutes, all of these ._ files are listed as open by the user after doing a smbstatus command. i have no idea where these files are! then others begin having problems saving, and the only way to fix it is to disconnect from the server & reconnect again.

we also have the new intel macbooks, and they behave just fine with samba. an smbstatus with these machines shows one file open, as expected. i think they're running 10.4.10, and the other machines are running 10.3.9. what does 10.4.10 have that's different than 10.3.9 (networking wise) that would make them behave normally, and the others go nuts?

i've been researching this for three months now and have tried all kinds of different things, and nothing seems to work. aside from netatalk, do i have any oth options for sharing mac files on linux?

thanks for any help you could give me.