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    Which distro for multi-cpu multi-core x64 and MySQL ONLY?

    I'm looking for the fastest and most stable distro for multi-cpu multi-core x64 platform that will host only one program - MySQL. No other services/applications will be running, with exception of [may be] running KDE env for a few minutes to configure MySQL (and then close KDE).

    I need distro to be compatible with Supermicro X7QC3 and it's onboard LSI 1068e SAS controller (well, if that's impossible, I can live with X7QCE and some other plugged-in SAS controller). It needs to be 64-bit distro. It is planned to utilize all 4-cpu spots with 4-cores CPUs, plus on-board 92GB memory.

    Another separate question: may be there is another SQL server for UNIX that is faster than MySQL in the following conditions: low volume one writing thread + many (~500 - 700) simple [by syntax] parallel queries that access almost all data in the DB to get a result, but results are of low volume also (~100Kb per query max). I need fastest result output possible.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Where to start...

    Ok, so first of all, as you're going to be running no services, only the network layers and an SQL server then it probably matters very little which distro you're going for. Perhaps something like gentoo which builds specifically for your machine would be useful here? If the specific hardware you mentioned is supported in Linux at all, then it'll be in most of the latest distributions, so again using Gentoo might be useful here too.

    As far as performance of your SQL server goes, there are so many variables it would be impossible to judge in advance whether MySQL or any other would be suitable. My advice would be to to try the free alternatives (MySQL, postgresql) and maybe even compare to commercial trial version if you have a budget to spend on such monsters. The open source ones are really easy to try because they're free, so you can run the trial for as long as you like.
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