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Thread: DNS Problem

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    Question DNS Problem

    I installed and configured Bind 9 and I started the named service....
    My domain : , I use IP address
    But no one can reach my domain using the host command or nslookup command
    when my friend use host command he got the following message :
    Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

    and when he used nslookup command he got the following message :


    ** server can't find NXDOMAIN

    so please what is the solution
    Thanks in advance

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    Lots of things to try...

    Firstly, ensure that you're not doing this over the internet, the 192.168... range of IP addresses is reserved for private networks.

    Make sure bind is working on your machine by connecting and doing dns lookups from the localhost (to, and to the external interface address. Be certain that these lookups come from the dns server, not your hosts file - use 'nslookup' and specify the server you want to look at.

    Make sure the port you're running BIND on is not firewalled locally (check the boxes in your firewall settings box).

    Make sure there is a physical route between the machines in question, and make sure the other machine isn't configured to pump all it's non-local IP traffic out to the internet (i.e. disconnect it from the outside world if it's connected, and make sure its only connected to the lan). Make sure it can ping your DNS server machine by IP address.
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    Dear Friend ... thank u so much
    I did checked my firewall .. and I stoped it ..
    in the named.conf I wrote this line:
    query-source address * port 53;

    but the problem still exists though i stoped iptable service
    so what is your opinion ???
    can u tell me how to reinstall bind 9 ... clean install ???

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    How are you trying to connect to the nameserver from the other machine? Are you using nslookup? Is it a windows machine? It's not looking elsewhere for DNS resolutions is it?
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    Red face

    Sorry ...
    My friend is the system administrator and he uses linux too and he told me that he want to reach my domain localy
    Actually he is training me and asked me to configure DNS , after I've finished he told me that there is something wrong cause he cant reach my domain locally ..... I don;t know what he means by that
    Any Idae ?????


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    Well your sysadmin is starting to look a little foolish... You've certainly got a working DNS server, you've got no firewall turned on, you've done what was asked of you. Maybe your sysadmin needs to double check what they're doing that's stopping them talking to your nameserver.

    There could also be a communication gap here - 'domain' doesn't always mean a dns domain. Maybe you should ask him exactly what he's doing that isn't working.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fedora 6 View Post
    Sorry ...
    My friend is the system administrator..............
    Actually he is training me.................
    If this guy, your friend, is training you and he doesn't know what is wrong then what kind of training are you really expecting to receive?

    I get the feeling that you are trying to do this over the internet because if your friend was local he should be able to fix you right up and you wouldn't need to be asking here. If you are trying to do this over the internet then you should stop now because he doesn't know what he is doing and neither do you.

    There is a lot more involve then just setting up a DNS server to get things working over the internet. Also if you are connected ti the internet and you shut down your firewall then I hope the hackers haven't found you yet.


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    OK ... Thank you so much my friend for your help
    and i hope if i could help you in something later
    Bye bye

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