I have an Irix machine, which whenever I try to add to my Windows 2K3 AD, I get an error Permission Denied.
I spent the weekend trying to figure out why my AD controllers were refusing the connection... (blame M$ first, as a rule of thumb).

Went in and tried some more, and noticed in Irix, whenever I try to join the AD, I get a:
"/etc/net: permission denied"

I booted up one of my Fedora Core machines, and kicked it out the domain. I telnet to Fedora Net Join mydomain and just like magic the way it should be, successfully joined mydomain.

This leads me to believe that M$ is not at fault, I don't believe any more. What else should I be looking at in my Irix box?

The original machine died, and I replaced the box, and rebuilt the OS on new hardware... I am only having this problem with Irix. Should be noted that the machine name is the same on the new box as it was on the old...

I am going to try and toss one of my Redhat and Flamux machines off the network as well, but my fear that I cant get them back in, might make some people very unhappy...

Anyone seen anything like this, or possibly point me in the right direction, lots of appreciation. Thanks.