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    Automatically detecting a hung jvm process on Linux

    is there an automated way of detecting a hung java process on Linux (Red-Hat, Suse). Perhaps writing a shell or perl script looking at process status???
    Let's say there are n number of java processes belonging to WebSphere (App-Servers, node agents, deployment managers etc.), just using ps or top is not enough to tell that a specific java process is hung. Do any of the monitoring tools (Tivoli, SiteScope etc.) notify when a process is hung? How to tell if the hung process is a node agent, deployment manager, or application server? I understand that forcing a thread dump might tell u but how do you know which pid to invoke a thread dump on? Thanks...-Sam

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    why not let websphere do it for you
    Developing a client to determine a hung thread problem

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    Hung process

    Hi, i am quite familiar with that article. Hung thread does not equate to hung process. You could get notifications from WebSphere that a thread has hung but later it clears itself out.

    I want to rely on native Linux utilities/commands (like ps, top or psstat(Solaris))
    But it does not seem possible to use these commands to detect a hung process that is unresponsive.

    One thing I can think of is to write a script to periodically run the top command and pipe results to a file. Then keep checking each process to see how much CPU it is taking but even that does not seem like a reliable option to know for sure that a process has hung.

    Process (JVM) could be hung for several reasons like infinite loop, deadlock, resource outage etc.

    Any better ideas???


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