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Thread: samba

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    I have installed samba on a linux machine. I have set the workgroup to be my domain name, and the security = server

    I have listed the PDC and the BDC as the logon servers. However when I try to access the server I get a prompt for a username and password. When this comes up no matter what username or password I type it does not accept it.

    I have enabled the following line in the smb.conf file.

    Mapped to Guest = Bad user

    As I understand it this should now allow me access to the server without needing any passwords or usernames. However it still prompts me to enter a username and password when I type \\servername from a windows machine.

    So in an attempt to resolve the problem I've just gone and made the problem worst by trying to remove samba.

    I did rmdir -rf on the samba folder in /etc. I did the same for the samba folder in /usr/share

    Now when I type rpm -i sambaxxxxxxxxxxxxx.i386.rpm, it tells me that samba is already installed. Can anyone help. I'm really stuck. regards,

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    Look up man rpm.

    rpm -e sambaxxxxxxxxxx will erase samba. After that, you can go ahead and reinstall.

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    before that , my coputer still always prompts me for passwords and usernames ect ect when i access a remote drive, but i just click cancle and im in good shape....
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    I have been playing around with SAMBA recently and have also been having a few issues, though, for the most part have managed to get past most of them. One thing I have found is that, if you have the Linux Firewall active, you will need to open a number of ports up for the SAMBA services to be able to let external requests into your system. The ports you will need to open are 137 to 139, on TCP. The distro you use will dictate what "tool" you use to setup the port exceptions. I have used "lokkit" (this is on FC2) and it seems to work OK.

    I am still a Linux newby so I hope have described this OK, and, you never know the info may be of use.

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    Just unistall the package with rpm -e <packagename> and install it again with rpm -ivh <packagename>

    Then try to configure you samba server with security = share mode first wich is letting thru every request to see that its working, then switch to security = user, ads, or domain....which one you now wants.

    You can view a little howto on samba on one of my sites



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