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    Adding seperate servers as virtual hosts (?)

    I've already tried to ask this on a couple apache forums but one has been taken over by spam and the other is going unanswered. So maybe someone here can help.

    I currently have my Apache 2 server set up on a single server running CentOS 5. I already have many virtual hosts set up, but all of them are using files on the same server. Here is what I would like to do:

    All of my subdomains need to be accessible through port 80, as some public places block access to other ports. I currently have some pages being served on different servers that run on different ports. I would like to set up apache on my CentOS server so that it would point a vhost to the other server.

    CLIENT (port 80) ----> CentOS Server (port 5800) ----> Server2
    same as (port 80) ----> CentOS Server (port 5800)---->

    In these examples, the client is being served a standard page over port 80. Both examples are the same, just different labels. Is there a way to do this?

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    apache reverse proxy - Google Search

    you can also use tools like pound and pen for a reverse proxy if you are just proxying to a different machine. but if you want certain vhosts to go to the local apache and certain vhosts to be proxied to another backend server, apache reverse proxying will be what you want.

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