I am migrating a web site from a shared host (HostGator) to a dedicated server. The dedicated server runs on Fedora 6. I installed proftpd and configured it with Webmin. Hidden files are enabled, I can see files like .bash_profile in my home directory when using FTP client. When I access my web root directory, though, I cannot see .htaccess from FTP. If I'm SSH'd in, it's there. File mode/permissions are the same on .htaccess as on index.html which is visible. For that matter, .htaccess itself is configured to use mod_rewrite to rewrite the URL to a PHP file, and for some unknown reason it's not working when I test the site out on the server.

Meanwhile, during the bulk upload of several thousand new files using FTP, some transfers failed and if I retry them they keep failing; some file (smaller size) already exists there. And it seems I cannot upload and replace these files: "550 {filename}: Overwrite permission denied". I'm using FileZilla.

I've Googled for both of these issues and can't find the solution. AllowOverwrite on and LsDefaultOptions "-a" are already in the proftpd server configuration file and I've restarted the service several times. But I've come to find out that proftpd disallows overwrites when specifying the path to the file (which I assume this is as opposed to cd'ing to the directory and putting without specifying the path). I don't know how to disable paths in FileZilla, but I don't see why I should have to; the shared host handled this kind of thing without problem, why can't I get my own Linux environment to work the same way?

So I'm willing to drop proftpd for another ftp server, but I'd like to stick with an RPM so that I can have an easy "yum remove .." path to removal if whatever I try next doesn't work.