I am currently working on a project involving dns server (using bind) in
my ubuntu linux. This project needs an environment where it consists of at
least 4 hosts,let's see, 1 for client, 1 for local DNS server (LRS), and 2
or more for Authoritative DNS Server (ANS).

I want to simulate it so when we lookup for 'www.underground.net', the
client will first ask the LRS. The LRS will ask one of the ANSs starting
from root domain (.). The root will just give a referral answer of
nameserver 'net', and the local DNS server will try to lookup again on
other ANSs based on that referral answer, iteratively, till it get the
straight answer from the last ANS.

I had built these environment,but there's something wrong.When the LRS
asks ANS for the first time,the ANS will give the referral answer. But
then the LRS doesn't try to lookup again based on that referral answer,and
just return 'no such domain' to the client.

I read some tutorial and it said that happen because bind doesn't set the
dns server recursively, or something like that. I don't really get this
recursive thing. I even set

recursion true;
allow-recursion{; };

in named.conf.options and restarted bind, but the same problem still occured.

What am I suppose to do?

Thx b4