Ok Guru's I am seriously stuck, Down, and in need of some serious assistance.
I apolagize if this or something related was answered somewhere else but i cannot seem to lay my eyes on it.

I also understand that this is "so, a last century configuration". Please, hold the comments, as i am well aware.

Here is the scenario:

20 + users with landlines only in a third world country.
existing Redhat 7.3 box running sendmail, fetchmail, mgetty, blah, blah, blah.

Origonal setup: (worked for past number of years)

we would dial out and collect user mail from webmail account and use procmail to sort it locally. Users would then dial in via same modem and access their mail via their win9x, xp, or vista machines.

Like i said this has worked fine... in the past.

recent changes...

1. we acquired a DSL line and have have connected machine to it.
-Server (host) is called mailhost and is assigned static ip on local network of, netmask, gateway of (ISP issued paradyne Router).

- I have changed cron job to send/fetch every 5 minutes to bring in mail from ISP webmail

NOTE: all this works so far.


Since i made the changes for the DSL, etc. whenever a user tries to connect to mailhost via Dial-up, they can connect and are authenticated but when they Send/receive messages in (outlook, outlook express, thunderbird, etc, I tried them all) the status shows "Connected" but it delivers and error.

NOTE: I did not change any settings initially in the PPP funtions when i turned on the DSL.

Here is what i can do so far:

1. connect to mailhost via XP dialer.

2. My connection is passed a IP address netmask but also a Gateway address (shouldn't be a big problem as i am not passing packets to internet, i only want to access my sendmail port (25))

3. I can ping (mailhost) without any problems

4. I tried to telnet 25 and it does nothing but opens a blank telnet screen. if I key Ctrl+] it brings a telnet: prompt.
note: same response if i telnet port 110 (pop)

This is where i get stuck. I cannot seem to get past here. I am NOT trying to pass packets to the INTERNET this is not an internet gateway. It is simply a mail retrieval system for about 20 people who are upset and grouchy. I am pulling my hair out here and need some assistance.

I will say that this is not a commercial application. It is a mail access solution for a NOn-profit Aid org in the Carribbean (Grenada)

Can anyone Help????

I know this is a lot of info at once and i hope i didn't confuse anyone but please ask for specifics as i could spend all day posting my config, logs, etc if you have a tip and need to see something let me know.