Hi folks,

Ubuntu 7.04 server amd64 (Host OS, mail server)
VMWare (virtual server)
CentOS 5 (Guest OS)

I'm prepared installing webmail on the mail server. Can folks on the forum please share me your experience. I found following 3 webmail software on Open Source;

SquirrelMail - Webmail for Nuts!


The RoundCube Webmail Project

1) Are there other software recommended other than abovementioned ?

2) Of the 3 mentioned above which of them will be the first choice ?

3) Squirrelmail has long history. Is it easy to configure?

4) Would it be a better idea installing webmin on the Guest OS, CentOS 5, and connect it to the users' mail boxes on the Host OS, Ubuntu 7.04 ? Or just on the same OS where the mail server resides.


Edit: Sorry, the topic should be "Seeking advice on webmail software". I can't get it corrected.