Hello Everyone,

I host a website and i am also trying to host a dns server for that site. For some reason every single dns server including my own has cached my information for about a week now. While trying to check my A, MX and CNAME records all i get are errors. BIND seems to cache them locally because i cant successfully check with nslookup or dig for that matter. I set up bind 9.4.2 on my suse laptop and it works fine, i can dig it and all information is correct. I used the same zone file for bind on my CC box and it wouldnt update the information. i have tried flushing the cache with rndc but it complains that the connection is refused. I have tried setting up rndc again with webmin as well as moving the files around and changing permissions, it just does not want to flush. I managed to compile (or at least i think) bind 9.4.2 on my CC box but after i compile i dont know what to do, manual says named.conf is going to be in /etc but its not there and i cant find named anywhere. So damn confusing.

Any help/ideas/tips would be appreciated!