I have a d-link wireless xtream-G router (and im assuming that it is a NAT, but i dont want to use terminlology wrong and confuse) It does have a firewall integrated. I want to set up an ftp, web, and mail server with remote acsess. If it were a gateway computer, i could just remote access that with ssh and i would be in good shape, but my problem is its too stupid a gateway. it has the option of creating 'virtual servers' on certain ports whitch, (i think) forwords all ftp queries to an ip that i specify, but im not positive. Would I be in better shape if i created a de militerized zone for the server? or is their another way to access the outside world ( I have no problem accessing it on the local network) Also, how do i attach a sub-domain name to a separate IP. My uncle owens the domain name kubasik.com, but i would like something like supercool.kubasik.com to be my ftp/http/mail server name, is it all handeld in teh registration of the IP, or do i need a proxy for kubasik.com that will forward all request to my computer?