I am currently trying to setup a simple home file server using Debain etch. On the server I want two shares. One share (the 'Open' share) will me the main file dump for every computer on the network, with no logins or passwords required. The second 'Restricted' share would require a login and password.

From a tip from another site I tried setting in global security=share and under the private folder I set security=user.

It almost worked. I access the open share just fine (the default directory is /server/share), no login needed. When I click the Restricted folder (/server/share/restricted/) I get a login prompt. However, the user name field is locked (grayed out) and set for guest, all i can enter is a password which doesn't work because guest has no password. Also leaving the password field blank doesn't work either.

I'm guessing what happens is that the moment I access the open share I get logged in as guest and samba wont allow me to log in as another user while I'm logged in as guest.

There must be some simple way of doing this?
I refuse to believe that I am the first to want some files open and some secure.