Hi folks,

Ubuntu 7.04 server amd64

HowTo Change Password by users direct on the Login Page of SquirrelMail NOT via Usermin which I'm now doing.

I suppose it needs following package for my server.

Change password
SquirrelMail - Webmail for Nuts!

Details | Download 4.0
Original Author: Thiago Melo de Paula
This plugin is to allow your users to change his/her system password in
/etc/passwd or /etc/shadow

I found follow on googling:-
HOWTO: Add a 'Change Password' button to SquirrelMail
HOWTO: Add a 'Change Password' button to SquirrelMail - DirectAdmin Forums

very simple. But I can't make it to work. Now I have [Change
Password] button on the login page. Clicking the button popup;
Unable to connect

Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at domain.com:2222.

Port 2222 is open confirmed with ISP. Their forum refused to help because I'm NOT running "DirAdmin". Neither can I find a solution on Internet.

Now I want to try SquirrelMail's own plugin. Please shed me some light. TIA