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    Mysql Replication Problem

    I want to do a master-slave mysql replication in two machines.

    When I configure master, I get some problem.I write these lines into configuration file “my.cnf”.





    server-id = 1
    log-bin = /var/log/mysql/mysql-bin.log
    expire-logs-days = 20
    max_binlog_size = 104857600
    binlog-do-db = testdatabase
    binlog-ignore-db = mysql,test







    Then I going to start mysql service, the service is not started. But when I disable the log-bin line into my.cnf file, the service again start profile. I create a folder “mysql” in /var/log and create a mysql-bin.log file into that folder.But still got the same problem.

    My Distro: CentOS5

    How can I resolve this log-bin issue?

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    What does the mysqld.log say?
    You might want to check, that mysql server user has permissions to write the binlog file to your specified location.


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