My user claims that some of her email disappeared. I went through the mail log and it seems that she deleted the messages herself from home via webmail.

Here are the entries in the mail log:

Nov 25 21:27:38 wp5 ipop3d[24415]: Login [71.198.226.nn] nmsgs=6/6
Nov 25 21:27:43 wp5 ipop3d[24415]: Logout [71.198.226.nn] nmsgs=0 ndele=6
Nov 25 21:41:12 wp5 ipop3d[25113]: Login [71.198.226.nn] nmsgs=0/0
Nov 25 21:41:12 wp5 ipop3d[25113]: Logout [71.198.226.nn] nmsgs=0 ndele=0

Can someone explain exactly how the ndel= value is set, and its consequences. I believe her outlook is set to leave messages on the server for 7 days. What impact would this have when viewing messages via webmail?