Dear All

I had a requirement of using time based acl, so that few people in office are allowed to use internet all the time and rest of the users are allowed to use internet at morning and evening at predefined hours.

I am running squid 2.6, i have configured it and the setup is working fine.

What i mean by fine is during morning hour from 9am to 1030 am all the users are able to use internet and after that only company mail (web interface)is allowed to access. Upto this pont it works fine.

If any user under restirected hous tries to connect through Microsoft VPN client to our VPN server for downloading mail ithrough outlook express, once VPN connection is established it was observed that now internet restriction is not there, one can easily browse any site, but onceconnection is disconnected the internet surfing while was enabled stops, only restricted sites are allowed.

I need help to configure Squid so that It allows VPN connection to remote site, but does not allow simultanous unrestricted internet access.

kindly help me on this issue....