Hi All

I have hired a server runing CentOS and installed tomcat and java on it. the only way for me to access the server however is via ssh.

As far as i can tell tomcat is rp n runing fine as i ran ./.../tomcat/bin/startup.sh/ and im pretty sure its running fine as the process is running. though being new to linux i might be making a mistake somewhere. i dont know how to check the site by going cPanelŽ as i have to ssh in. but when i try to contact my site from my browser it doesnt seem to work. The default port is spose to be 8080 but i tried changing it to 80 to see if the port was being blocked and i still got no result.

Is there any setting i might have to change to allow tomcat to be availiable to an outside network? im fairly sure this is the problem as i have been informed that the networks fire wall is not blocking it.

Any help her or suggestions would be great.