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    Most likely not the cause of the problems.

    Just out of interest, have you restarted your PC? might be worth a go?

    at the command prompt, type "netstat -an" and look for a line like:

    tcp 0 0* LISTEN
    Do you see it?


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    The line you mention is there when I run netstat -an however when I try to access my mailboxes via Outlook it won't accept the passwords of the users that exist in Linux.

    I have had this working once before , however as I haven't accessed my Linux mail via Outlook for some time now. I am wondering whether I have done a re-install of Linux and not set this up correctly.

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    The problem I have with outlook in general is sorted now. The permissions on the mail account needed to be 777 this is what was stopping Outlook from access the mail

    However with regards root it won't let me get to that account as the server it preventing this for security issues. It says something about the UIDs being below 10.

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    Just a word of advice, To prevent problems accessing the root mailbox in future, alias it to a normal users mailbox.

    This works fine for me as no one else has access to the box anyway so its not too big a security risk.

    With regards to accessing the mails stored as root, you only really have two options.

    1. Use elm,pine or another console mail client to collect this mail and forward it elsewhere.
    2. copy the mail spool file and save it as another users mail spool

    The second one is a bit of a bodge job, however if you have no mail client installed, it will allow the desired result.

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