Alright here is the story.

We are using a squid server at the office for the students to use. We have a LMS system that uses a Flashchat, they have assured me that the port is 51127, I have opened this port on the squid server. That did not work.

The big part that confuses me is, the LMS sits on a hosted server, that they host it is 69.X.X.X, the flash chat resides on a server that comes in as 64.X.X.X.

Even after I show them all of the logs form our Router and a quick wireshark sniffing, they tell me it is port 51127.

If we give the machine a default gateway they can hit it, we are trying to avoid this at any cost.

If you have more questions about this, feel free to ask. If you have any suggestions, we area at a loss.