Hello! I've been using Linux for a while, but I'm still pretty much a newbie...thanks for not flaming me immediately. I've checked the man pages for chmod and all that stuff, but I'm having problems still...Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

My ftp root directory is /srv/ftp, and I'm making a directory below it (let's call it "poop". SO its path is /srv/ftp/poop. I want to allow a specific user (or group) to have read access to the ftp root directory and read, write, and execute access to the /srv/ftp/poop directory so that he can put files in that directory.

And then I'd like to have another user that has ONLY read and execute permission to the ftp root directory and to the /srv/ftp/poop directory. So, here's how my file structure would look

/srv/ftp --> User 1 = rx, User 2 = rx

/srv/ftp/poop --> User 1 =rwx, User 2 =rx

Oh, and I don't want either user to be able to access any otehr directories on my server. I'm going to chroot them, I guess making user 1's home directory the /srv/ftp/poop directory and user 2's just the /srv/ftp directory and setting them both with no shell...would that be right?

How do I go about setting that up? I've got one of the 2 users added and he's in a group of his own. I've done some searching on the 'Net, but I'm having problems finding the answer, and I don't want to proceed until I can get some good answers and know what the heck I'm doing. Thanks in advance!!!