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    Squid configuration

    I have squid loaded on my CentOS 4.0 server and it is running great, but when I started to process the configuration file. The goal was to eliminate any traffic OUTSIDE of what I tried to permit. Below is my configuration where I changed the squid.conf file. Once I did, everything is allowed. I hope this is something stupid that I overlooked but I was wondering if anyone else had similar problems.

    Code that I changed:

    # We strongly recommend the following be uncommented to protect innocent
    # web applications running on the proxy server who think the only
    # one who can access services on "localhost" is a local user
    http_access deny to_localhost

    # Example rule allowing access from your local networks. Adapt
    # to list your (internal) IP networks from where browsing should
    # be allowed
    acl our_networks src XX.XX.XX.XX/XX
    http_access allow our_networks
    acl yahoo dstdomain
    acl msn dstdomain
    acl mydomain dstdomain
    acl google dstdomain

    # And finally deny all other access to this proxy
    http_access allow localhost
    http_access allow yahoo
    http_access allow msn
    http_access allow anovoamericas
    http_access allow google
    http_access allow anovous
    http_access deny all

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    I had a similar problem and I still havent figured out the solution.

    I am easily able to get squid to work if I "allow all" , but if I try to restrict traffic, using the ACL, in any fashion, the server fails. I even try to make the simplest rules that I can think of and it doesnt work.

    I am lost as to why this happens.

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    I would suggest using the squidguard addin to configure your blocks, time blocks, groups blocks, and blacklists and whitelists.

    and then use webmin to manage both

    or use dans guardian, which I have never used but should work just as well.

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    What i did :

    1) create a file with bunch of block url inside.
    ~$:vi /etc/squid/bad_url.acl

    2) Make an entry as below in squid.conf

    acl bad url_regex "/etc/squid/bad_url.acl"
    http_access deny bad
    http_access allow all

    Notes : make sure, deny first, then follow by allow.

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