hello again.

i have a doubt about how to open 1 port for bittorrent to pass through my gateway server (fedora core 8, working whit squid transparent and iptables whit policy DROP) to my clients box. i have one Public IP conected to my server and from there to the clients boxes. The thing is that all that comes to my server is droped, now what i want is to open one port so i can use utorrent in each client box. I was thinking about something like this:
iptables -A INPUT -i $external_device -m state --state NEW -m tcp -p tcp --syn --dport $bittorrent_port -j ACCEPT
the internal LAN conectec to the internal device is open to all connection to the server, i mean, all connections from the LAN to the server is accepted.
Is this ok? i mean, just that will do the trick? or i have to open the udp port also?
Thanks in advance