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    Postfix problems


    I installed postfix for IMAP and SMTP using this guide. But neither works. SMTP don't connect (I think). And IMAP connects but I cant login. There are no logs (weird). I have checked everything with ports and stuff.


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    Post a little more about this if you are still having trouble, and I'll check back later on and probably be able to help.

    Please post the exact messages when trying to run an smtp connection, and imap. If you are trying to imap mail on an external server, e.g. gmail, have you allowed imap connections through your settings? You may also be having problems if you use localdomain or $localdomain in either pop or imap connection to a server with a different domain name. This can be fixed many different ways. Do a little trouble shooting and post everything that you've done and the output from the error messages.

    P.S. The easiest for setting up for setting up imaps and pop that I've found is a involving exim4 and fetchmail.

    I'll check back later on. If you reply after tonight, please pm me when you do, and I'll help out then. Once you get your mail setup going the first time, then you will have little trouble in the future, trust me.
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