I'm having a little trouble setting up Intrasmart. I don't know whether the problem actually is Intrasmart, though, so I'm posting here. I installed the software, and rebooted like it said. However, when I logged back in, I can no longer telnet to it or go to it in a browser. I can still ping and ssh to it. This is the output when I run /usr/mindbridge/bin/intrasmart.sh start:

[root@mindbridge /]# Starting UBS SaApi.SaUbs on mindbridge:20000
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: processConfig: Loading config from file.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: processConfig: Allocating IIOP factory.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: SocketMgr   = null
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: Addr        = null
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: Port        = 20000
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: Queue       = -1
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: Cycle       = 0
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: Asm         = -1
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: Sam         = null:-1
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: Config      = /usr/mindbridge/intrasmart/config/sajava.ini
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: ThreadIni   = 2
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: ThreadMin   = 2
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: ThreadMax   = 12
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: ThreadCycle = -1
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: ThreadIdle  = -1
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: ThreadLife  = -1
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: Debug       = stdout
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Checking IP address resolution.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Creating default context.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Creating server monitor.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Creating session table.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Creating session reaper.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Creating state table.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Creating state reaper.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Creating thread pool.
ThreadPool: Creating thread 1
ThreadPool: Creating thread 2
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Opening server socket on null:20000
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: openServerSocket: Using default socket manager.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: openServerSocket: Checking socket on port 20000.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: openServerSocket: Socket is in use.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Creating SAM connection.
UBS: Failed to open SEAM socket localhost:19999
[main] SaApi.SaAppServStats: connect: End(Failed to open socket).
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: Accepting clients.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Closing server socket.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Stopping thread pool.
[main] SaApi.SaThreadPool: stop: Stopping SaApi.SaThreadPool$Worker@83cc67
[main] SaApi.SaThreadPool: stop: Stopping SaApi.SaThreadPool$Worker@1d58aae
[main] SaApi.SaThreadPool: stop: Waiting for threads to stop.
ThreadPool: Destroying thread 2
ThreadPool: Destroying thread 1
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Stopping session monitor.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Stopping session reaper.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Stopping state reaper.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Closing connection to SAM.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: Closing database connections.
[main] SaApi.SaUbs: execute: End(0)
I'm new to the unix/linux world, so any help would be great. Thanks.